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Curious Tusks

Take This Journey (Bryce Zabel):

"The author takes her readers on a journey into a world that most of us have very little direct experience with and yet it's not a                                                                  Star Wars fantasy but a full reality happening now. I love that first line with the phrase 'the trivial reality of death.'                                                                                        This book really works for me."


Erudite murder mystery takes the reader from Seattle to Boston to Tanzania (Sandra Hasson):

"This book is not one that can be finished in a hour, or even a day.  The wealth of detail and complexity of plot and characters are for                                                        the serious reader.  It is an absorbing and serious novel.  An absolutely perfect winter serious book purchase." Click Here to read the                                                            rest of the review!

Curious Tusks is arguably Anne Hendren's finest and most profound work to date (Leigh Goodison):

"Anne Hendren’s latest novel, Curious Tusks, takes venture capitalist Stuart Lehrman to Arusha, Tanzania, to decipher a cryptic                                                       message sent to his mother from his journalist grandfather. The note appears to indicate that his grandfather’s life is in danger, and                                                  indeed, when Stuart lands upon African shores, he is met by his grandfather’s Maasai driver, Omega, who reveals that his grandfather                                                      has been murdered.

As Stuart unravels one mystery after another surrounding his enigmatic grandfather, he learns that the man’s published stories on                                                         child slave trade and ivory poaching made him a target. Only now, with Stuart revealing inconvenient truths about Africa, and the                                              involvement of his long-estranged sister, Neissa, his own life is at risk. Curious Tusks is arguably Anne Hendren’s finest and most                                                      profound work to date." ~ Leigh Goodison, author of Renascence and the St. Augustus Chronicles (I received this book as an ARC                                                            from the publisher).

Project Runaway

So You Want to be a Fashion Designer...: Review on Oregon Book Report from Leona Grieve:

In Project Runaway, author Anne Hendren opens a window into the cutthroat world of the high fashion industry, replete with professional jealousies, heartbreaks, and dashed dreams. When Idaho-born Karin Ohlsson is hired by a high-powered New York atelier under the wing of owner Anna Seton, she believes she has found her niche. She soon learns, however, that what appears to be a glamorous life in fashion design is, in reality, little better than working in a sweatshop, with Seton stealing designs created by her talented staff and labeling them as their own. Read the rest of this review by Clicking Here!


An Insider's View to the Cutthroat World of the Fashion Industry: Review from Leigh:

Though the New York and Idaho settings are worlds away from the sweatshops of Asia, Ms. Hendren gives us an insider's view of what it's like to work in the fashion industry: the pressures, the jealousies, the disappointments. I adored the characters, each burdened with conflicts in career and battles of the heart. How Lois Wyse enlightened us to advertising agencies with her novel, "The Rosemary Touch," so does Anne Hendren for the fashion industry with "Project Runaway." A must read! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Designing to Run - Review from K. Boyer: 

Ms. Hendren writes with studious care about the fashion world; its ins and outs, the tension and creative theft between the established conniving designer and the ingenue designer with the new ideas. The wonderfully described scenes carry you forward from New York City to Idaho, through the maze of sewers, designers and friends. Very descriptive dress details that make you want to start your own line if you are a fashionista!

Fine novel, A rewarding read - Review from M. Sanchez: 

Project Runaway reminds me of The Wizard of Oz in several important respects: Karin Ohlsson is young and wants to see the world. That wider view offers glitter, then disillusionment and danger. Ultimately, Karin prefers the wisdom and comfort of home. Project Runaway by Anne Hendren expertly develops these themes in a modern context. I recommend this book highly.

 The Seam Rippers Arrive - Review from K. Gilligan:

Project Runaway was a pure delight and a tribute to all of us who spend our lives stitching and drawing dresses to make other women beautiful. I would love to see a whole series (I see a new genre! Move over bodice ripper- make way for the seam rippers!) around these young entrepreneurs, the sewing arcana and fashion world.

I waxed nostalgic on the return to New York's garment district. Who knew it would be gone one day- how could anyone? It seemed so permanent- I treasured every moment that I trod there and it was fun to see it immortalized in Runaway's text. I identified with the young designer- as will anyone who loves to sew- suffered her setbacks and triumphed right along with her.

The important takeaway from this novel is that there is a lifetime's worth of things to turn up just in the craft of sewing and that special relationship we all have with how we express ourselves with our culture's "traditional dress" as has been expressed by all human cultures. We certainly are not the only ones who spend so much time and invest so much heart in it. It's just intrinsically human.

A Runaway Success - Review from C. Morgan, author TX:

Stories are how we inhabit other people's lives. Anne Hendren's "Project Runaway" took me into a life of art and clothing design, where every thing and every act are by done "by design" -- even acts of betrayal. Wonderfully imagined and beautifully written, "Project Runaway" is a runaway success. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Review from Sandra Traver Hassen of BeBe Quilts:

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST NEW BOOK OF THE SUMMER SEASON !!!! A must read! By our fellow BeBe Quilts member Anne Hendren. 

Review from Dr. Richard F. Hobbs, III, MD, FAAFP, FAAMA at Geisel School of Medicine: 

Project Runaway is an engaging story with a cast of characters who truly come to life. There is much research about the fashion industry which is evident in the plot. Reading this novel, you will not only be entertained but educated, as well. I highly recommend it.

A Dream of Good and Evil

Terrific read --highly recommended!  By Leigh (via

A determined female character competing in the male-dominated profession of architecture, a brusque anti-hero love interest, and politics: what more could you ask for in a novel? Ms. Hendren blueprints a web of intrigue right from the beginning and keeps us in suspense until the end. I came away with the realization that we all prisoners in some way and admired the strength of Loisann, who never gave up on her dream.

A love story inside a murder mystery

, April 25, 2013  By Katherine Boyer (via

"Anne Hendren's new book, A Dream of Good and Evil, is well researched, has interesting cool characters and thoughtful settings. This is an intelligent investigation of a fascinating premise; that the architectural spaces we create do affect our actions, even if that space is a prison. The actual designs of prisons is a subject worthy of exploration, and Lou is just the right heroine to be your guide. Hendren's book starts one thinking about what it could be like if we changed just a small part of how we house our inmates and the lives they have inside those walls. All of this is also wrapped up in a murder mystery. Better yet. A great read!"

S. L. Stoner, author of the Sage Adair Historical Mystery series Review 

"Gifted, innovative architect, Lou Cooper, has an opportunity to design a prison. But this opportunity creates a moral dilemma: should she apply her talents within a context she finds abhorrent? Is it rational to imprison damaged people in a cruel environment and expect that it will turn them into compassionate, healthy human beings? Lou Cooper's struggle to resolve these dilemmas comes wrapped in a page-turning mystery.”
Review (A Dream of Good and Evil) by Ed Hanson, BS., MS., Doctorate in Religion

"I continue to be amazed at the gifts demonstrated by people I know. Anne's knowledge of prisons and architecture and the potential for having a positive impact on the lives of prisoners through the architectural design of the prisons was well demonstrated in the novel. And, of course, to present this knowledge in a suspense filled story that enlightens us and holds our interest is impressive."
Reviewer's Bookwatch: March 2013 James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review 278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575 Bethany's Bookshelf

"There are many opportunities to do good in life. "A Dream of Good and Evil" is a novel following Loisann "Lou" Cooper as her life falls apart and she struggles to piece it back together in the process. As those close to her face many crises, she realizes the root cause behind all this may give the architect a better shot at settling the score with the old boss. "A Dream of Good and Evil" is a snazzy twist of storytelling, much recommended."

Susan Bethany Midwest Book Review – Reviewer:  The Whodunit Grows Up!

"Finally, a murder mystery that doesn't waste your time. This brainy page turner not only entertained me but left me filled with fascinating new information and ideas. The mature, female lead character is just waiting to be snapped up as a vehicle for a great actress." - comment

 Storytelling at its BEST! Review (A Dream of Good and Evil) January 7, 2013
By Anna Brentwood;

To be honest, when I first picked up this book, I was not sure I would even care about a "green" architect or a prison but not only did I care, I became totally immersed in the wonderful, quirky world author, Anne Hendren creates. All Hendren's characters are odd, quirky and flawed, yet very deep, passionate and well-rounded. You feel as if you not only know them, you understand what drives each of them. The story is rich with symbolism, metaphor and twists-- it is a true thinking person's tale and definitely one of those rare books one could read several times and still learn something more from each time. Anne Hendren is an amazingly gifted writer. She obviously does her research and this book not only teaches, it engages and enriches you. I highly recommend this book!

 Review from Dr. Richard F. Hobbs, III, MD, FAAFP, FAAMA at Geisel School of Medicine:

What a fascinating bit of writing! I enjoyed every word. Some say that the stories have all been told but I think you have proven them wrong. And I do so appreciate that you were able to use the platform of fiction to inform me about how we as a society might rethink the goals of incarceration and how healing spaces might become the basis upon which a new paradigm is established. Entertaining is good but entertaining plus enlightening is far better!

I also felt a strong resonance with how you chose to incorporate the inter-related concepts of good, evil and truth. Drawing upon my daily experience, this is Yin and Yang at the most fundamental level. The Chinese have the saying that there is no absolute Yin and there is no absolute Yang but there is always Yin with Yang and Yang within Yin. "

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