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Anne Hendren

Anne's highly anticipated new novel "The Curious Tusks" is out now!!

The Curious Tusks takes Stuart Lehrman across North and East Africa in search of his grandfather, George Atkinson’s assassin. A photojournalist for numerous international journals, including the Herald Tribune, George was found dead on his porch in Arusha, Tanzania after several articles revealing inhumane, but lucrative, practices by Africans and others. Atkinson’s assassin, determined to halt appearance of a story that would bring his trade to an end shot the man. As Stuart makes his way through the continent others are murdered, including Atkinson’s editors to stop Stuart. With the help of a clever African family, Stuart collects the story to be certain it is released to the world. This character driven novel is a must read for those curious about the devastating effects of colonialism and resilience of Africans from this scourge.


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Anne's other novels: 'Project Runaway' and 'A Dream of Good and Evil' are also available at: OR Kindle OR Powell's Bookstore, Annie Bloom's Books and the Multnomah Athletic Club's Emporium in Portland, Oregon!


Project Runaway is set in New York and the Rocky Mountain west, Project Runaway wraps suicide and fraud inside the opulent intrigue of fashion and design in New York. Fashion designer Karin Ohlsson moves to the U.S. capital of fashion in 2004 to design clothes. She escapes but cannot quell a recurring dream—death and headstones. In New York she learns that original design does not exist and decides to run away. Like indentured servants before her, who followed star quilts and quilt patterns she uses the knowledge of sewing to escape. Her ailing aunt, quilting circle and a preservation architect encourage her runaway dream, a eponymous line in the Northwest. When the western studio fails because of deception and death Karin returns to New York to design and to realize her aunt’s dying wish.

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A Dream of Good and Evil introduces architect Loisann “Lou” Cooper to a world fallen apart. A professional failure prompts her to quit her job, she discovers a man she loves is arrested in the brutal killing of a journalist, her sister lands in jail. Lou’s old boss and his socialite wife are not what they seem, and their actions directly affect Lou’s life. Deliverance appears in the unlikely form of an architecture project that restores Lou Cooper’s sense of justice.

Author Anne Hendren spent years researching the connection linking improved prison design with reduced recidivism. These elements inform the story arc in A Dream of Good and Evil.

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